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One of the main wing when undertaking difficulties is the lack of resources and financial support from banks, which continue to attach greater importance to the assurances and guarantees that the viability of the project presented the new entrepreneur, limiting greatly the possibilities of creation and consolidation of many projects. Entrepreneurs and businessmen continue to meet major barriers to access to funding, which is currently worsening situation resulting from the global financial crisis in which we are immersed. Clearly that is slowing business activity; companies in Latin America have already started to pay the consequences of this situation and tightening financial conditions, with bankruptcies, insolvencies and redundancies that increase month to month.

Therefore, we considered the need to create this "Alternative Financing" to provide light throughout the financial and banking network, in terms of types of financing, financial products, financing alternatives, state resources. GRUPO MORBECK It aims to facilitate the entrepreneur and the new entrepreneur its task in finding financial support, so that it is able to make a plan with several possible scenarios with which I could find for the purchase of machinery for your company. Thus, the entrepreneur who choose to participate in the program GRUPO MORBECK will be easier to buy their machines that best suits your needs.

One of the main goals that GRUPO MORBECK is the promotion of entrepreneurship, which is crucial to increase productivity and competitiveness of enterprises. Entrepreneurs have a double and fundamental mission; Produce and sell. It is therefore essential to Morbeck group generate good incentives for new entrepreneurs who are seeking a financial alternative when buying their machines, helping companies increase sales and wealth, creating jobs and values.


It is the best way to get your Machine, the easiest and most economical way, and where those who seek a different alternative to credit or cash payment, can participate.

It is a self-financing system that allows people to schedule the purchase of their machines, allowing them to choose the time of award any model that best suits the needs of each customer at no additional cost and enjoying offers models.


Our program is valid for all countries and can participate legal entity and natural person.