EXPRESSIVE POSSIBILITIES LARGE AND EASY IMPLEMENTATION - Expressive and aesthetic possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the designer , to be able to have a wide range of colors, variety of shapes and surface textures for use in both exterior and interior. To normally be a relatively large piece has great constructive performance (30 m 2 / day approx . For factory building block ) and fewer joints ( which is the most vulnerable part of the factory ) . 

COST SAVINGS - The concrete block building has economic advantages over other building system Traditional due to the speed, accuracy and consistency of the measures of the blocks, strength and durability, almost waste null and above all, be a modular system, which allows computing the materials in the design stage with great certainty.

RESISTANCE TO COMPRESSION - The pieces of concrete masonry units have sufficient mechanical strength to ensure proper transmission loads and ensure durability. Its resistance to normalized compression may exceed the 10N / mm2 allowing use in resistant walls ( CTE establishes a minimum of 6 N / mm 2 for this use ) .  Excellent fire behavior  

REACTION TO FIRE: Class A1 without testing whether the mass or volume (the larger of the two ) of organic materials is homogeneously distributed less than 1% .  The fire resistance : Good resistance to fire ( which can reach 240 min) . Parts retain their structural characteristics in case of fire .

SOUND INSULATION -  The quality concrete blocks are a construction material has very valid to comply with regulations, including solutions from a single sheet simple acoustic performance characteristics. Thus we find, among manufacturers, products that can reach up to 60 dB of sound insulation, and others designed as sound absorbers and diffusers excellent sound. 

THERMAL INSULATION - The basic thermo physical properties to evaluate the ability a material response to temperature fluctuations dynamic, they are density, specific heat and thermal conductivity. These features are increasingly relevant and affecting energy consumption and CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere. The ability to store heat concrete is called "Thermal mass". High density materials such as concrete, take a long time to warm up and cool down. Basically, the more heat is needed to heat one meter cubic concrete to heat a cubic meter of bricks.

WATER PROTECTION - The blocks designed to be used externally have a very low water absorption by capillarity (are waterproofed parts that can have such a low value on occasion as 0.22 g / m2.s , compared with 4.2 g / m2.s which requires a minimum individual value CTE ) .  They are also breathable, heladizos and are easily cleaned .  RECYCLING     Both easy recyclability as to incorporate recycled aggregate in its composition make it a sustainable material.   SATISFACTION GUARANTEED     We are facing a very versatile material that every day sees widespread use  in construction for their high performance and properties.